Art prints


Ekaterina Eneva - art print on paperArt print

Every picture you like in our gallery can be purchased

in the form of art print.


What is an art print?

A modern way of presenting copyright works.

It represents the reproduction of the original picture

printed on canvas, paper or other surface. Our prints

are printed on canvas stretched on an wooden frame

 or on special paper designed for printing artwork.


Ekaterina Eneva - art print on paper

 *We work with „German Etching“ - paper of the German company "Hahnemuhle". "This heavyweight etching board is velvety smooth with a fine surface texture. German Etching® is one of the most popular media worldwide for artwork and photography." Art prints on paper are usually offered in a limited edition (a certain number designated by the author). Once printed, the art print on paper shall be framed behind a glass. 


What are the benefits of art prints?

  • Art prints prices are lower than those of originals.
  • Quality is almost the same as the original:

 Prints are made from high quality materials to recreate the uniqueness of each painting’s

colors and hues.

  • Changing size according to your preferences:

 You like a painting, but you would like it to be slightly larger or smaller

to fit in your home, office or as a gift. Or, you have decided to put a splash of color -

something fresh at a specific location and of certain size: then choose your own size!


Types of art prints:

  • Art print printed on canvas and stretched on a wooden frame:

            Ekaterina Eneva - art print stretched on canvas          Ekaterina Eneva - art print stretched on canvas


Choose the color of the side edge: white, black or colored.

       Ekaterina Eneva - art print stretched on canvas - white edging    Ekaterina Eneva - art print stretched on canvas - black edging    Ekaterina Eneva - art print stretched on canvas - colored edging

  • Art print printed on paper:
                 Ekaterina Eneva - art print on paper          Ekaterina Eneva - art print on paper

 Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on size, type of print or selection of an appropriate

framing for your painting. We will respond immediately by phone or e-mail.